Factors That Influence the Duration Weed Remains in Your Body

The use of weed as a drug may have far-reaching effects that the users may not anticipate during the time they choose to abuse the drug. Apart from the consequences of the drug, one may have to carry the active element in the weed for many years of their lives. Weed has the active element THC which is the key component that is tested by drug testing kits that are aimed at detecting weed in the bodies of the targeted people. Visit this site to get started.

The factors that affect the duration within which your body can completely rid itself of weed are closely related to the THC element. As long as your body still contains it, you will always fail the weed drug tests. The focus of reducing THC levels in your body should be aimed at first, ensuring that the body doesn't receive any more of it and two, that what is already in the body is rapidly removed.

The constant use of marijuana will see to it that the levels of THC go higher and higher in your body. This is the first factor that influences how soon your body should be free of the pot. This goes without saying, therefore, that there is no way your body will be clean of weed unless you cut off completely its use. This can be done gradually by reducing the intake amounts and the intervals to enable the user to get accustomed to living without the use of the drug. Click here for more info.

The two commonest modes of weed consumption are through inhalation and through eating. Eating of marijuana involves cases where the drug is mixed with certain foods and then the foods consumed by the users of the drug. This mode of consumption releases the drug slowly to the body system and also has the effect of having the user retain very little contents of the drug. On the other hand, inhaling gives almost instant results and leads to a huge intake of the drug's active chemical into the person's body. These results in the body retaining the weed for longer.

In conclusion, for users addicted to the use of this drug, there are better ways of helping them reduce the levels of THC in their body. First, they may consume more water to flush out the weed chemicals through urine. They may also use special drugs that can help their bodies break down THC much faster.