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Cleaning Your System for a Weed Test

Drug testing has become an integral part of our everyday operations. It is very disappointing to have stayed away from the pot only to test positive for weed. How much time weed and any other drug stays is your system is one thing people want to know so they may abstain from it and pass a drug test. Read more about this here.

Different tests have been developed in the current world to test for the rising new drugs. The most common drug test is the urine test. This method is both cheap and very effective. Another method of drug testing is use of blood samples. The method is not cheap and some drugs may not be found in the blood after a short period. Saliva testing can also be used to test for drugs. Just like blood, drug components are rid from the saliva in a short while by our body systems. Finally, hair testing has been used to test for drugs. Note that the most recent hair close to the scalp is used to test for drugs. Like blood and urine, hair testing is done for recent drug deposits. How much time then do you need to keep away from cannabis for each of the tests to show negative results?

Weed leaves a testable substance in our bodies called THC. This substance attaches itself to our body fat. The urine passed from the body contains fat and testing for weed by urine needs long periods to clear. The amount of time weed takes to clear from the system will depend on the frequency of smoking. A daily smoker will need to keep away from weed for as long as sixty days. Those who use it every few days in a month need between two and four weeks while a onetime user will need up to eight days to be clean. To hasten the process, however, one needs to drink a lot of water. Get more details at this website.

If the test to be administered is the blood sample test, one needs less time to clean the system from weed. THC is not stored in the blood for long as it has to be attached to the body fat. To pass a blood weed test you need a maximum of one week for regular users. One time users need only twenty four hours to be clean.

Saliva testing for weed is not as thorough as it would be for urine testing. Like blood, saliva does not store weed deposits for more than a week. Regular users looking forward to passing a urine test will be clean in a weeks' time. For the occasional smokers it will only take seventy two hours to rid weed from the system.
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