How Long Weed Stays In Your System

Whether you are have been surprised with a drug test or you just want to know what effects cannabis has on your body, you will definitely need to know how long your body takes to get rid of this drug. There are various factors that will determine how long and also the test you are taking will be a determiner of whether your test will be positive or negative. Visit this site to get started.

Because THC is stored in the fatty tissues, the fat content of your body will determine whether the drug will stay long or just for a few days. A higher body fat content will mean that the chemical THC will be longer in your system. Though BMI is not very accurate, you can use that to determine the length of time weed will be in your system. The higher your body mass index, the longer it takes your body to get rid of the chemical.

Exercising a few hours from the drug test will increase the likelihood of the drugs being found in your system. This is because you will burn fat and the chemicals stored in the fat will be released into your bloodstream therefore giving a positive result in the drug test. Exercising some weeks before your drug test will be good because you will burn fat stored and get rid of some of the THC.

The amount of water you take will also determine your fate. When you are not well hydrated you will have less water in your urine and the higher percentage of your urine will be the drug, this will increase the chances of your result being positive on the drug test. The water will be good because it could delay the detection of the drug. Water will also help in flushing out the drug in your system.

Some varieties of cannabis are stronger than others meaning that they have more THC. These kinds of stronger varieties will take longer in your system and harder to eliminate. Another factor is metabolism which also affects the amount of fat your body will store therefore directly affecting the detection of cannabis. Find out more about this at this website.

Other factors that will determine how long weed will be in your system is your height, gender and even age. The way you use the drug whether by smoking of eating is also a determinant of how long the drug will be in your body. Therefore, there is no way to say exactly how long will stay is someone's system but we can just generalize and say several weeks.
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